Acrylic Gem Washi Cutter – Limited colour run!


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These washi cutters are designed, cut, and finished by yours truly. Only 50 of these are available!

Acrylic washi cutters are a nifty way to get those neat edges on your layout, without having to resort to putting scissors or a craft knife near your planner/project, or pulling out a credit or store card that may get damaged, to get the job done. There is no blade or serrated edge on this cutter, just a clean, laser cut edge that helps tear the washi easily and neatly.

This Gem washi cutter is cut from a holographic flaky suspended in clear acrylic. It’s super shiny, and contains the entire rainbow! There are three different length sides, so you can angle it the way you need, and easily tear your washi, whether it’s 3mm or 30mm wide! Each Gem is approximately 50mm wide and 44mm tall, and has a small hole in the top corner, so you can add it to a keyfob or dangle easily. Even with it’s awesome washi tearing abilities, it also looks good just as a bag charm.

Each Gem has been etched and finished with high quality acrylic pearl white paint to accentuate the gem details.

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